Larry Strauss, ESQ, CPA & Associates, Inc.

Significant Bankruptcy Positions

Long Rap Inc. 2015 – Present
Industry: Clothing Retailer
Assisted Trustee with tax filings for stores covering 5 states

Clark Turner Homes 2015 – Present
Industry: Home Builder
Assisted Trustees in preference collection as well as eliminating IRS proof of claim in excess of $4 million through dealing with the IRS audit function as well as filed tax returns and provided Trustees with information vital to negotiating settlements.

Peoples Community Health 2015 – 2016
Industry: Low Income Health Clinics
Assisted Debtor in preparing schedules for filing bankruptcy as well as efforts to collect receivables and outstanding grants. Attempted to reopen clinics for benefit of low income clients who had no other source of medical attention. In many cases they were being provided with Aids medication which extended their life.

Avitech, LLC 2013
Industry: Egg inoculation equipment manufacturer
Assisted Trustee in management and marketing of Company assets. Prepared all tax filings including those required for foreign investors. Efforts culminated in a sale of the Company for potentially over $6,000,000.

Commerce, Inc. 2013
Industry: Fertilizer wholesaler
Prepared tax returns for entity with complicated tax structure. Assisted Trustee in interrogatories of personnel and analysis of information to assist in litigation of preference actions.

Senate Acceptance Corp 2013
Industry: Insurance and Finance
Assisted Trustee in unwinding $65,000,000 layered debt situation where shareholder procured new debt from new investors to pay high interest payments of prior individual and institutional lenders. Prepared tax returns and, monthly reports and other tax requirements. Assisted in setting up Liquidating Trust to continue litigating additional avenues of recovery. Served as expert witness against prior professionals for lack of professional ethics and conflict issues.

Nova Blue Inc and Nova Blue Reprographics Inc 2011
Industry: Reprographics
Appointed as Chapter 11 Trustee/ Examiner to analyze viability of Company as precursor to liquidation. After issuing report of potential restructuring, spent 4 months reorganizing culminating in sale contract and asset liquidation for over $500,000, approximately 5 times the liquidation value.

Classic Sleep Products, Inc., 2010
Industry: High end mattress manufacturer
Appointed as Examiner by Court to evaluate sale of business to insider and whether DIP has fulfilled his fiduciary responsibility.

Kodiak Construction and Utility, 2009
Industry: Utility Company
Appointed as Special Examiner by Court to examine Disclosure statement and evaluate its completeness and accuracy.

US Protect Services, 2008
Industry: Security
Assisted Trustee in payroll filing for over 2,000 employees and prepared tax filings for over 20 states. Analyzed documents and successfully identified potential tax recoveries from the IRS in excess of $500,000.

Stempler Nissan, 2008
Industry: Automobile Dealership
Assisted debtor in bankruptcy planning and completion of Statement of Affairs and other bankruptcy schedules. Assisted debtor with tax planning for pre and post bankruptcy.

Regency Homes 2002 – 2008
Industry: Home builder
Assisted Trustee in all tax filings and other litigation support issues. Prepared accounting and Consolidated Corporate tax filings and Limited Partnership tax filings for this $100 million company.

Colleen Inc 2006 – 2008
Industry: Glass Company
Assisted Trustee in all tax filings and other litigation support services. Provided tax planning for AMT tax and Net Operating Loss analysis for this multi-million dollar company which had been a provider of glass bottles for almost a century.

Strategic Partners 2005 – Present
Industry: Computer Leasing
Assisted Trustee in litigation against owner for Fraudulent activities. Provided tax and accounting services and preparation of Monthly reports for Bankruptcy Court.

Finglass Construction Company 2007 – Present
Industry: Construction
Provided insolvency analysis and prepared preliminary report for trial as an expert witness. Provided accounting and tax services.

ELite Center 2006 – Present
Industry: Medical
Chapter 11 case where we prepared material for sale of business along with monthly operating reports. Successfully marketed and and found buyer for weight loss center. Provided tax and accounting services.

Railworks 2004 – Present
Industry: Transportation
Assisted in implementation of Liquidating Trust and compliance for the benefit of almost 6,000 creditor/beneficiaries. Prepared tax disclosures, filings and maintained data base information.

Information Network, Inc 2007 – Present
Industry: Government Contracting of Information Systems
Provided litigation support analyzing government award applications and working to maximize estate asset recovery. Reconstructed payroll information and prepared all necessary Federal and State tax filings

Dipaquale 2005- 2008
Industry: Individual
Assisted attorneys in discovery process attempting to clarify fraudulent transfers and/or undervalued assets.

CMP, Inc. 2007
Industry: Oil and gas
Testified as expert witness in regards to insolvency of company and provided other litigation support services.

Various additional cases including Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia

Liberty Roofing, Inc. 2015

G Street Fabric, Inc. 2015

Bond Transfer Company, Inc. 2009- 2014

Wesleyann Kim, Inc. 2009 – 2010

Celebration Party Supplies, LLC 2010

Graphic Impressions – Receivership 2009 – 2010

Ulrich Enterprises 2010

American Site Improvement 2010

Changes Enterprises – Receivership 2010

F&F Auto – 2010

New Horizon Van Lines – 2010

Orion Holdings – 2004 – 2008

Eastwood Professional Building 2007-2008

Attman Bankruptcy Estate 2007- Present

Politzer Bankruptcy Estate 2004- Present

Shilcraft, Inc. 2008 –  Present

Van Leer Bankruptcy Committee 2008 – Present

Kids in His Care, Inc 2005 – Present

Fresh Marketing, Inc. 2007- 2008

Mastercraft & Subsidiaries 2007- Present

RB Brown & Associates, Inc. 2004- Present

PRS Insurance Group 2004- Present

CJ Fisher 2008

Business Computer Graphics 2005- Present

Marlin Graphics 2005- Present

Tam Nguyen 2005-2008

Saraiya Swati 2005-2007

Bluemount Nurseries 2005- Present

Moore Automotive 2006-2008

Ashton Rhoades Agency, Inc. 2007

Colorquest Litho, Inc. 2006- Present

Servint Corp Liquidating Trust 2005-2007

John Henry Schenk 2007

Alpha of Maryland 2007

Longridge LLC 2005 – 2007

Jollar, Inc. 2003-2007

Ace Nursing 2007

Science Weekly 2006 – 2007

JET, Inc. 2005-2008

Mcgregor Printing Corp 2005 – 2008

Environmental recycling 2005- Present

Arriba Contracting Company, Inc. 2007-2008

Mason Paper Bankruptcy Estate 2005 – 2008

Elway, Inc.2007 – 2008

Inner City Management 2007-2008

Agari Mediaware 2003-2007

Reisterstown 24 Hour Veterinary Complex 2002 – 2010

CP Sung 2002-2006

Barley and Hopps 2002-2006

Phyamerica 2003 – 2010

Spectra Press, Inc 2004-2008

Key Sales & Leasing, Inc. 2003 – 2007

Inphomation 2003-2008

Wareonearth Communications Liquidating Trust 2005 – 2007

Dulles Networking Liquidating Trust 2005- 2007

Fulcrum Technologies, Inc. 2002-2006

E-Outlet 2002-2006

PJ Mcevoy, Inc. 2004