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Academic and Seminar Engagements

University of Baltimore – Graduate Tax Program Adjunct Professor
May 2005 to Present
Provide classroom instruction for the Bankruptcy Tax course to Law school students, LLM students and Masters in Taxation students.

US Trustees Office – Baltimore Division – Speaker
January 2014
“Life Cycle of a Debtor Bankruptcy Estate – A Trustee’s Perspective” – a discussion on the tax opportunities and pitfalls related to the administration of a Bankruptcy Estate.

Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors – Speaker
June 2008 – 2011
“Real Estate and COD – Short Sales & Foreclosures” – a discussion on the tax consequences of foreclosures and short sales of real estate.

National Association of Attorney Generals – Speaker
September 2006
“Prompt Determination Letters after BAPCPA” – detailed review of changes to section 505(b) of the Bankruptcy Code after the 2005 Bankruptcy Tax Act.

Bankruptcy Bar Association for the District of Maryland – Speaker
September 2005
“The New Bankruptcy Tax Laws” – a detailed review of the changes in Bankruptcy Taxation resulting from Bankruptcy Reform Act.

Bankruptcy Bar Association for the District of Maryland – Speaker
January 2005
“Taxes and Bankruptcy: Timing is Everything” – an overview of how bankruptcy is effected by our tax system and critical elections available to various bankrupt individuals and business entities.

Weil, Akman, Baylin & Coleman, PA – Speaker
1998 – 2002
Various in-house seminars including Tax Updates, S-Corporation Taxation, Estate Planning and Corporate Reorganization. Prepared all materials and outlines for these courses.

MACPA Tidewater Conference – Speaker
November 1998
Estate Planning update discussing various techniques and tools for effective Estate Planning